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    «PromChemical» is a trading and manufacturing company with many years experience. Our Company is known in Russian market as a manufacture and distributor of polymeric materials of leading Russian and Foreign companies.

    The wide range of our products includes:

    • rigid, semi-rigid, integral and flexible polyurethane foam systems
    • polyurea coatings
    • polyurethane adhesives, coatings, primers, anti-adhesion lubricants
    • polymer bitumen waterproofing mastic for the vapor and waterproofing
    • pre-insulated pipes, shells for pipeline insulation, and related products
    • finished products of polyurethane foam components, including clinker thermal panels for cladding and insulation of facades, sandwich panels
    • high and low pressure equipment for the  polyurethane foam and polyurea coatings

    We offer the complex set of services in:

    • buildings, constructions, automotive, railway and water transport thermal polyurethane insulation
    • polyurea coatings for the waterproof and anti-corrosive protection
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