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Shells for pipeline insulation

Our company is a manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam shells and elbows from polyurethane foam components.


  • insulation of heating networks, heat and hot water;
  • thermal insulation of pipelines technological purpose;
  • insulation of oil and gas pipelines, oil pipelines;

Polyurethane foam shells are used for pipelines thermal insulation. Polyurethane foam shells are semicylinders or segments of length 1000 mm, thickness from 30 to 140 mm, with longitudinal and transverse locks. Polyurethane foam shells are highly effective for insulation both heat- and transferring pipelines. They have wide operating temperature range from -80 to +120.

Polyurethane foam shells are light and at the same time resistant insulation material. Average shell density is 60 kg/m³. Its service life is 25-30 years and when covered by foul or glass-reinforced plastic it extends to 50 years.

Polyurethane foam shells are water- and vapour-resistant, which provides additional protection from corrosion. It is resistant to microorganisms and bacteria, which makes fungi growth impossible. Polyurethane foam shells are absolutely eco-friendly. The shells are odorless and work no harmful influence upon people and animals. Polyurethane foam shells can be used for insulating pipelines of any diameter, any insulation thickness is possible.

Polyurethane foam shells are producing with and without coatings. The coatings could be:

  • glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • foil 
  • kraft paper

Coatings also protect the shell from ultraviolet rays and give an improved appearance.


Installation of rigid foam shells to produce pipeline:

  • by fixing the trumpet shells ties, straps;
  • by pre-glue on the joints and on the internal surface of the shell, followed by attachment of shells on the body tube buckles, straps.
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