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Facade thermal panels with ceramic tiles

Polyurethane foam is the most effective material for insulation of buildings and constructions facades. Our company offers the thermal insulation panels made ​​of rigid polyurethane foam with high-quality ceramic tiles.

Facade thermal panels with ceramic tiles are effective thermal insulation and have a decorative function. The panel consists of two components: decorative (outer side - ceramics), insulation (inside - polyurethane foam).

 Clinker tiles

Clinker - a unique finishing material, which is based on the four elements, fire and air (in the firing process), land and water (composition of clay), and most importantly, not a complete lack of natural ingredients (chemical additives).

Clinker is a special ceramic tile single firing. Clay tile is made of special clay, which added coloring elements. Forming ceramic tiles produced mainly by extrusion, but sometimes used compression method. Extrusion produces tiles of complex geometric shapes, for example, one that is used in the construction of swimming pools and wall and stairs and has a set of different design elements (corners, skirting, gutters, steps, couplers). After cutting, the workpiece is placed in a tunnel furnace up to 150m where they are burned at the highest temperature of 1300 ° C to complete the sintering, whereby the clinker tiles becomes high-density material acquires a homogeneous finely porous structure without large inclusions, voids and cavities.

Due to the high temperature of clinker has good characteristics of resistance to abrasion, temperature fluctuations and frost. He was not exposed to corrosive chemicals, does not absorb water and is easily cleaned.
types of clinker

Clinker as construction and decoration material has the following varieties:

  • Facing clinker for exterior and interior decoration of buildings
  • Technical clinker paving of roads, walkways, flooring industrial and public buildings, for decoration storage.

From the point of view of decorative clinker has the following varieties:

  • unglazed clinker
  • glazed or vitrified clinker (in turn divided into glazed clinker and clinker with a pattern not shown)

 Polyurethane foam

Basis produced by our company is a facade thermopanels rigid polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane - a synthetic polymeric material which is a kind of plastic. Polyurethane foam prepared by the reaction of two liquid components - the polyol and isocyanate. When mixing the components react, foaming and increasing in volume. During the interaction of the mass solidifies, forming fine-mesh structure, which is more than 80% consists of tiny gas bubbles. As is known, the minimum thermal conductivity of air. Due to its unique structure, polyurethane foam has no competitors among all known insulating materials. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam under different conditions from 0.02 - 0.03 W / (m • K).

Due to the minimum thermal conductivity decreases and the required insulation thickness. Thereby saving valuable space. For example, we can compare the brickwork and insulation made ​​of polyurethane foam. According to its characteristics in the foam layer 2 cm thick is equivalent to 50 cm brickwork.

The polyurethane foam is light, but at the same time, a sufficiently strong material, allowing to withstand significant loads. With a degree of elasticity, polyurethane foam insulation is able to withstand the mechanical pressure in the middle range (shrinkage of the building walls, etc..) Lightweight polyurethane foam insulation allows for installation works without much physical effort. Polyurethane foam insulation does not weigh down the overall construction and requires no additional fortifications. This insulation is not loading the front and the foundation of the structure.

Polyurethane foam, having a closed-structure is an excellent waterproofing material. Products from PPU is absolutely not afraid of exposure to water. Thermal insulation of polyurethane foam structure protects against moisture, corrosion, mold. Does not form condensation on the walls and totally exposed to the action of microorganisms or small rodents.

Polyurethane foam is also possible to bring in a list of insulation materials. Polyurethane foam coated with a coating or panels used successfully as a great sound insulator.

Lifetime polyurethane product is from 15 to 50 years. And depends only on the effects of ultraviolet radiation (sunlight). The only weak point of polyurethane is the fear of sunlight. Under the influence of the open UV coating turns yellow, and will lose their properties. In the absence of UV exposure lifetime polyurethane coating not less than 50 years.

 Facade thermal panels with ceramic tiles

Production of clinker thermopanels occurs by pouring liquid polyurethane components in specially prepared molds with ceramic tiles. In the course of the reaction components is foamed and solidification, after which the clinker tiles is practically "implantation" in the panel of rigid polyurethane foam.

Thermal panels for facade cladding are made to order with the desired pattern and texture of ceramic tiles. For corner seats manufactured facade thermal panels at an angle of 45 degrees. Transitions for window and door openings as there are special templates thermal panels.

Clinker with thermo-insulating layer of polyurethane foam 5 cm in its thermal insulation properties are replaced brickwork more than 1m. (2 cm layer of polyurethane foam for its thermal insulation properties equivalent masonry 50 cm)

Thus, our facade thermal panels can not only preserve the useful volume of the building, but also greatly save on building materials. Select the desired layer thickness penopoliurteanovogo for its thermal panels is determined based on the specific climatic conditions.


  • new construction, new buildings are equipped with lining of insulated panels that meets all applicable requirements for facade insulation systems, and the building envelope designed smaller thickness.Mounted directly on the outer wall eliminates plaster and painting walling.
  • reconstruction: the structure to be repaired, insulated in accordance with modern standards, increases the lifetime.
  • ornamental trimmings: a variety of materials making up the tiles, their color range, texture and size of opening up new opportunities for architectural buildings in general, and for their individual fragments.


Thermal panels with ceramic tiles have many advantages in comparison with other similar finishing materials.

  • They combine two properties - Thermal insulation and environmental friendliness.
  • Have a minimum load on the foundation and load-bearing walls.
  • Provide additional noise insulation and hydraulic protection.
  • Are steam and gas-permeable material.
  • Preserve the density at large rain showers.


Installation of facade thermal panels

Installation of thermal panels is fast and reliable, made ​​all year round, regardless of temperature. Clinker thermopanels securely attached to any base - brick, concrete, gas-concrete, wood, when installing thermal panels do not require pre-treatment of the wall.

Thanks to its light weight, clinker thermal panels are easy to install. Installation of facade thermal panels is done by mounting plastic dowels. This installation is not too difficult, but at the same time sufficiently reliable.

Special lock connection clinker thermopanels overlapping forms a cover without joints and cracks. It protects the front of the building from the effects of precipitation, temperature changes, thus maximizing the life of the entire structure. For elevation angles are special corner thermopanels. At the end of the installation is carried out jointing of ceramic tiles with a special mixture of silica sand. Ideally equal to the matrix which is located on the clinker tiles clinker thermal panels and jointing gives the facade a magnificent view of the exact brickwork, which can not be distinguished from the hand even to the touch.

The use of this material allows to increase many times the service life of the building and eliminates the need for extra care behind the facade. The variety of colors allows you to select the panel for every taste and decorate the facade of the house under any style.

 Facade thermal panels with ceramic tiles

Ideal for saving heat air inside the house in winter and cool air in summer

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