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Polyurethane foam thermal insulation for buildings and constructions

 Polyurethane foam thermal insulation for buildings and constructions

Our Company offers the complex set of services in polyurethane heat insulation of buildings and constructions.

Due to excellent adhesive properties, polyurethane foam sticks perfectly to horizontal and vertical surfaces of any shapes and can be applied to any surface (slate, undulated metal sheets, sheet ironwood, ruberoid, etc.) inclined at any angle (walls, ceiling, or slopes).

 Main Advantages

  • high strength and elasticity
  • durability (more than 30 years of service );
  • polyurethane foam is non-toxic and permitted in residential buildings
  • low thermal conductivity
  • water absorption at 98% in 24 hours is 0.04% or 2 g/m ²
  • coating for surfaces of any shape and geometry
  • biologically neutral , resistant to microorganisms , mold, rot 
  • water resistant material and does not require additional layers of vapor barrier
  • tolerance to temperatures from -70  to +180 °C
  • low weight 
  • high adhesion to various types of surfaces
  • corrosion protection
  • maintainability
  • sound and noise isolation
  • chemical stability against weak acids and bases, sea water, benzine, diesel and mineral oil

In house hold for sound and thermal insulation and where required to fill voids can be applied one-component spray foam (see POLYNOR).


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